One of the most dangerous and disorienting situations to be in is an aircraft upset.  

This sudden, drastic loss of control accounts for over 40% of fatal aviation accidents, out-placing the number two fatal category, controlled flight into terrain, by a 3:1 ratio.

Why the high fatality rate?

Because most aircraft upsets occur near the ground - in situations where pilots have very little time to react, and recover control of their airplane.


upset-training-stall-spin-awareness-vid-thumb Your all-attitude training will likely begin in a classroom.  Here you will begin to learn some of the basic aerodynamic concepts that will aid you in your ability to prevent and recover the aircraft in an upset scenario.  Your instructor will guide you through - step-by-step - how and why an aircraft behaves the way it does at various points within its flight envelope.



While stall/spin training can be thought of as angle of attack management, unusual attitude recoveries require acute situational awareness. Stall/spin accidents can be avoided by a solid understanding of aerodynamics - by knowing how an airplane will behave at various phases of flight, and how to stay out of the danger zone.