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Biography: Lyne WilsonLyne Wilson

Lyne Wilson is the Director, Talent Acquisition and Organizational Health for NAV CANADA, the owner and operator of the country’s civil Air Navigation Service.  She is responsible for HR based activity within the organization from both an operational and strategic perspective. Since 2000, Lyne has held a number of positions at NAV CANADA.  She is currently responsible for Talent Acquisition, Employee Health and Wellness Programs and Employee Relations complaints.

Lyne has championed mental health in the workplace by developing a mental health strategy in 2009 and implementing a peer support program, Light the Way, in October 2012.

Before joining NAV CANADA, Lyne worked at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL).

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Understanding Mental, Physical and Substance Abuse Disorders


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Tools, Programs and Best Practices.

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Prevention, Implementation and Measuring Success.

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Rights, Regulations and Roles.

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