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CASARA - Canada’s Civil Air Search and Rescue Associationcasara logo

casara groupSpecial volunteers
- supporting Canada’s Search and Rescue (SAR) efforts and promoting aviation safety!

CASARA is a large, well established and managed group of volunteers operating in all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Their members devote over 188,000 hours of their time annually aiding in SAR efforts and the promotion of safe aviation practices. CASARA offers aircraft and certified crewmembers (pilots, navigators & spotters) for use on search operations and training missions. They also provide certified spotters for Canadian Forces aircraft as and when required and SAR Coordinators during actual SAR missions and training exercises.

The Service
CASARA provides enables a rapid response to locate missing aircraft or activated ELT’s – in many instances before Canadian Forces (CF) primary SAR aircraft can be airborne. Collectively they have access to approximately 375 aircraft along with 2596 certified pilots, navigators and spotters. The service they provide results in significant savings in aircraft hours/crew time for the Military and enhances time/response sensitivity.

Membership is open to all aircraft owners and pilots as well as those who wish to receive training as spotters and navigators – and they are always ready to welcome new members. Volunteers are trained in aviation safety, meteorology, survival awareness, search techniques and procedures. And when they are not training for their own purposes, CASARA members are happy to bring their studies and experience to the aviation community.

CASARA – growing and evolving to support Canadian SAR and Aviation Safety Programs through leadership, continuous training of volunteers and education to the general aviation community.

For more information or to apply as a volunteer, please visit: casara.ca



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We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada for this initiative through the Search and Rescue New Initiative Fund (SAR NIF).